Annals of the Shutdown

While most of the nation’s attention was focused on the victory of elderly vets over the Park Service at the WWII Memorial on the Mall, government employees elsewhere were also conducting Operation Spite against the citizenry.
One of the more pathetic missions was carried out in Moncure NC. It appears that Federal high command wanted access to the B Everett Jordan closed.
The mission target, this gate:

Boat ramp 1

Note that the federal government does not spend time or money manning this gate.  Because it was never closed, the gates rusted in the open position.

So, because the federal government was out of money and the taxpayers must be punished, money was spent to hire a welder and repair crew to repair the rust so that the gate could be closed.



Victory for for federal employees everywhere! Except that the lake has 180 miles of shoreline and lots of other access points, including two less than a half-mile away.

Somebody actually planned this nonsense. The Obama legacy appears to include a new identity for government employees, openly hostile to anyone and anything that might constrict resources or impose accountability.  It was one thing for government employees to contribute and vote for big spending candidates and then go back to work after the election. Under Obama, the new political awareness and brazen expressions of it are year-round.  Like when Skynet became self-aware…


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